Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday, Sunday.....

Today is the busiest we've been in a long time on a Sunday. We, that is Antonia and I, were up reasonably early as she was invited to a party for one of her classmates at the Palazzo Vecchio here in Florence. This is the town hall but unlike other town halls it really tries to involve the children in its community. So they allow you to host birthday parties there which include activities relatated to the history of Florence and the Palazzo. It's a great idea and they have been doing this for so long now, at least 8 years that I know of, that they have everything worked out pretty well to entertain their audience. Today was based around the secret staircases inside the walls of the palazzo. Firstly the children were told the history of the staircase through a shadow puppet show. They were completely enthralled, which, I have to say, amazed me! I really expected them to be unsettled but they bought right into it! Then we were taken into the wall and up the staircase. A talking mouse puppet then entertained them for a short period before we went back down to the party room for cake and drinks. It was a good way to start the day, especially as it had started early and finished before lunch, unheard of normally!!

Next we went to a Serendipity Sale at the US church. In the UK we'd call it a table sale, so everyone paid for a table then kept the profits on any of their things that they sold. A friend of ours was their with her kids trying to sell some stuff, so Antonia went and played with them while I had a wander. I left with two brand new cardi's, a crushed velvet hoodie by Guess, cakes, tiny little wooden Chinese men, CD's of Britney and the Gipsy Kings, separately that is, a sheep money box and a horse.....I really shouldn't have had that glass of wine after the prosecco at the Birthday party I think.....:P

Coming home we popped into a display of Japanese Kimono's on the square that we live off. We stayed very briefly for a lecture about them, but it was beyond my Italian and Antonia's endurance, so we headed home!! If we'd been around earlier we could have bought a bento box each for lunch!! The hot dogs and scones from the church were pretty good though, as were the brownies and ginger cake we had for tea! :)

The sky is still blue at 6.00 p.m. although it is very cold, but better that than rain! All in all a good day!


Mary said...

There you are. Wondering when you were going to post again. I love kimono, brought 3 with me. Come to Genova to see the Japanese museum in Piazza Corvetto.

Alyson said...

We will definitely be coming back in the summer I think! I could even try over the Easter break, but after Spain and my DH wants to ski again it is probably a euro too much!! Have you "done" the aquarium yet?? I'd love to see the Japanese museum! I like anything Japanese, but never been!