Thursday, 11 March 2010

Snow again...

It started coming down pretty heavy, but didn't stick this time. As it is it is very wet and miserable! When the wind blows it is soooo cold too! If you go back to March '07 you will see photo's of my kids in the garden in shorts and t-shirts! Antonia went to school in her ski jacket, ski hat, scarf and gloves today!! This weather is so strange! It really should be warming up by now! Normally we would have had a few really warm days by now to remind us summer was coming, but not this year. Actually, not true, two weeks ago we nearly hit maybe summer is coming after all!

Still waiting for Antonia's passport. If you are British and now have to apply through Paris do it with plenty of time! Or do it in person in the UK. Only one thing to remember, you can only have white background for your photos on passports done through Paris, in the UK they have to have a grey or off white background as they scan them. We discovered this the hard way with Alex's passport! Sent photos done here with a white background, Steve had to do a round trip to Winchester to pick up new ones with the right background!! :P The same day service is also good if you can hang around in London or whichever city you use with a passport office, for 4 hours after your interview. Also, don't go with anyone, they won't let them in! Only one person per interview/appointment is allowed in the building, not to the appointment itself!! Back to Antonia, it should arrive today - Paris rang me yesterday and gave me the TNT tracking number for it and it is at least now in Florence!! Watch this space...!


Sarah said...

Oh hell.

My passport.

I completely forgot I have to renew it.

Oh well at least in this photo I won't be all puffed up with pregnancy.

We have snow in Lomellina too. I was just thinking about starting to sort out the garden, lulled into spirng thinking by a couple of lovely days and then phufpphhmmmm tne tonnes of snow fell on us.

Sick of cold white stuff. This winter has been full of it.

Alyson said...

It gets better! The damn thing still isn't here! Some good for nothing courier is still sat on it!!! I am getting sooo hacked off with this it is unbelievable! It took two weeks start to finish with Rome....I genuinely don't see this lasting, I know I'm not the only one has had problems through Paris.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I came over via Littlequeen rules.

Why don't the passport people have the same rules through where the photo is concerned. Very annoying.

I went with my friend to the passport office in Newport Wales.. no problems went in the building with her.

Now that was a really emergency. She only discovered the day before that her one of her sons passport had run out, childrens are for 5 years or something, he was 6.. !!