Thursday, 17 September 2009

Summer is over, again!

It only feels like I was posting a couple of weeks ago that we were all together again for the summer! School started for Alex on the 6th September and for Antonia on the 14th. As if to order the rain started on the first day of school here in Italy and it hasn't stopped since! Surprisingly the temperatures are still in the high 20's but it does make it difficult to know what to wear! I wear jeans and a jacket and I boil but if I dress lighter I get wet or cold!! It is much more like Spring in the UK but warmer than Autumn to be honest. Very strange. I have this every year, not knowing what coat to wear or jeans or sandals or wellies!!

In fact come the end of October it will be the end of our 3rd year here! Where it has gone I don't know! What I do know is that my Italian is still crap while Antonia's is almost perfect. I have picked up more and more but I just find it really hard to sit down and study and as for watching tv to help with my Italian............

Over the summer we went to Spain for a week, visited Galleria di Ferrari in Maranello and a quick visit to Modena on the way home, visited Lucca for the day, Fiesole, played tennis and went to the pool a few times, played croquet (!) and finally put the climbing frame up properly. Last, but not least, we visited Genova for a couple of days and did the Aquarium - probably the hit of the summer, alongside the Ferrari's that is!! I've posted a load of photo's on Facebook, but I'll put a few favourites on here in the next few days or so. :)