Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hello, I'm still here!!!

Ooops! Has it really been over 3 months since I last blogged! I would get a diary for Christmas every year as a child, right up to my teens. Most of them ended up as drawing books or shopping lists! I'm terrible at putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard, unless it's a forum or Fb that is. I know why, it's because I love gabbing and gossiping! This is great, but a bit one sided without the almost immediate input from forums or Fb. Some people hate social networking sites, I understand their reasons, ranging from they like their privacy to....they like their privacy!! Well, the only people I know that won't sign up for Fb or when they do, don't put up a photo, use a false name and never post, use that as the excuse! Others claim technophobia but that is not a good enough excuse in this day and age! Do they have a mobile phone, a tivo, wi-fi??? Okay, they may not initially set it up themselves but they know how to use it from then on don't they? A true technophobe wouldn't be able to touch or look at these things! That's the nature of phobia! So to be honest, they are plain lazy and can't be bothered to find out how these things work. To me, that's their loss and they WILL be left behind! Rant over!! ;) Where on Earth did that all come from I wonder??!

Anyway, I've been having a re-think about my blog and chatting it through with a couple of blogging/Fb chums and have come to the conclusion that I can no longer blog solely about Florence! I've got to the point in living here where my blog would start to look the same every year - Christmas in Florence, Carnival in Florence, Easter in Florence, you get the idea! Look up a couple of my older posts about these events and even some of the photos look identical!!

I am about to renew the lease on our "home" for the fourth time! Yep, I've entered my fourth year of living here! This was my fourth Christmas and New Year! How time does fly! So, from now on my blog is going to be more general. I'm not a newcomer as such to Italy anymore, I live other than the strange things that happen to everyone I'm just going to blog as I feel! When we go somewhere interesting I'll post about it, but I'm not going to feel that it has to be Florence or Italy related! I've a lot of posts that aren't anyway, from the Cadbury's gorilla to Stavros Flatley, so I'm just going to continue the trend. I am keeping the name though, as this is MY life in the city of flowers!! :)