Sunday, 4 January 2009


On the 23rd December a good friend arranged for Father Christmas to pay an early visit to her house. As you can imagine this was very popular with the children that went! Even my 13 year old got a little present, which I think went down well!!

My friend's husband does all the cooking in their house. His speciality is soup. On this occassion we were treated to a thick Ribollita. It was very good. He also make amazing onion soup with cheese in it which I replicated, successfully I think, at New Year.

This is all the children, apart from my son, who feels too old for that sort of thing now, who wanted to be with Babbo Natale.

Christmas Day! I have more photo's but most of them have gone onto my Facebook page - I've listed the name to look for on Antonia's blog if you are interested. Antonia asked for golf clubs, here she is opening them! She also got Winx dolls and a dress-up Winx costume plus other bits and pieces.
Alex got games and books and a Warhammer model to make. But you can see his main interest was the choccies he found in his stocking!!! He went through a Kinder stocking with 12 bars in it, 3 bags of chocolate coins and still found room for his dinner and Christmas cake, bought for us by Stephen's business partner from Mr. Tesco!! It was very good!

Unfortunately we all suffered with colds and flu over both Christmas and New Year. Alex was on anti-biotics before Christmas, Antonia was asleep Christmas Day evening with a temperature, then Alex started again New Year's Eve! During this both me and Stephen had a cold. Mine developed into something more flu like on New Year's Day which has had me in bed all yesterday afternoon and today - must be feeling a little better in order to have done this, but it does explain my subdued tone.

Happy New Year everyone! May you all have good health and fortune in 2009!