Thursday, 30 April 2009

Kodó (from Akropolis live)

These guys are just amazing in my book! A tape of this tune and a few others was on constantly while I was in labour with my son 14 years ago! I've seen them live once before and on May 15th I'm introducing Antonia to them at Florence's Teatro Verdi! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

funtwo - Canon (Cover.): Highest quality video in the World

Okay so I got my son an electric guitar for his 14th birthday - better than a motor scooter I think! This isn't him, but the day it is I'll be happy! Lol!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Easter means Ski-ing!

Well it does in our family anyway!! I don't, but everyone else does. I'm still the one that organises it, so, with this in mind, this year we went to Pila/Aosta. Pila is the resort and Aosta is the city where the cable car starts. You can stay up at Pila which is very much a traditional resort, so not much to do except drink and eat in the evenings, which is fine if you don't have a family and can stay out late. We stayed down in Aosta - the passes covered the 17 minute trip up the mountain everyday, plus our apartment was a 5 minute walk from the lift. Even better was the huger supermarket next to the apartment which even opened on a Sunday and was still open when we arrived Sunday evening! Very useful!

Alex didn't take any lessons this time but I think we will return to this resort so he may well enroll next year. Antonia had 3 individual lessons and came away with her first badge! She has a bronze with one star, so she is on the rungs now!! She even came down a red run with her instructor when the blue was closed. This is her 2nd proper season and she was much more resilient than last year. There were no tears and she did well. She also slept like a log in the evenings!

Aosta itself was interesting. It is the most northerly city in Italy - so there is a cathedral. It is named for Augustus and he has a triumphal arch there. The ruins are amazing. The old walls are in great condition and you can really see how it must have looked. Very interesting. 

We ate loads of Polenta but one of our favourites was the ham and cheese toastie served in one of the restaurants on the slopes!

On the way back we had a flying visit to Milan - basically the square outside the station! Looks interesting though.

I'm now going to be lazy and put all the piccies over on Antonia's blog - I should have uploaded them before I wrote all this and now it will throw out all the text and I cannot be bothered with all the messing to get it looking right again! So head over there for piccies!!