Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Laziness didn't write a blog...!!

It's been sometime since my last post - bit morbid that really, isn't it?! Anyway, I have been busy but not too busy to post. Just too tired and lazy!

We move out of our current place on Saturday. As our new home isn't ready yet we will be moving to a hotel for about 5 days. So far we are going to the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo which is on the Arno, down near Porto San Niccolo. The rooms are big and the breakfast is great, so we - me and the kids - are going to treat it as a break!

First, I have to pack up our gear here. OH is in the UK so I am doing it alone or hindered by my two children! Already started to put away stuff we won't need in a hotel, like DVD's and things. With any luck I will be ready by Saturday.

I am sad to go in a way, I have got used to our dark flat - but I really want to get into our new place with its big garden. It is still in the city but right on the old walls, so I am hoping it will be quieter all round than where we are now. The square we back onto can have interesting characters in it but I am only planning on using it during the day!

We went to look over the new place last week and see what progress was being made. Compared with before Christmas it had come a long way, but there was still a lot to be done. Plus little hitches etc. had to be rectified. I am going down again this week to see how things are progressing. My hope is to be in by Feb. 1st - fingers and toes crossed!

I had a seafood risotto this week in a restaurant - won't say where - within hours I was sicker than I have been for years! It was truly an experience I want to forget but probably won't. My OH had to look for a taxi to get me home from a walk we were on, it happened that fast, and left me with my children. Luckily a taxi found us. It lasted the rest of the day and now I just feel tired and no energy. Having spoken to several people who have always lived here I have now discovered this is why most of Tuscany is meat - the fish is for the seaside and does not always travel well. Now I know and so do you!

Anyway, piccola bambina is crying so I have to go....

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Epiphany and the sales!

So Epiphany in Florence is a big thing for the city. At 2.30 p.m. people started to assemble in the Piazza Pitti in Renaissance costume. There were peasants, musicians, lords and ladies all in remarkably detailed costumes. The most impressive were the 3 Kings who led the parade seated on beautiful horses. Each King had a servant in matching costume who held the gifts taken to baby Jesus on a cushion. Also brought out for the day were the two enormous oxen that normally pull the exploding cart at Easter. As the sun was shining everyone was in a really good mood and the parade was alot of fun. We walked through the crowds to the Duomo where prayers and speeches were made. To finish balloons were set free with messages attached from children to baby Jesus. The parade then re-started and taking a slightly different route, wound its way back to Piazza Pitti. At the head of the parade this time was Mary holding a baby and Joseph. Oh, I almost forgot the Shepherds in traditional Italian dress with their bagpipes!

The Flag throwers were also well represented in the parade - a number of times we had to duck as they enthusiastically threw their flags around!

As I haven't written since my first short post I thought I would make up for it on this one!

The sales have started here in Firenze. So far most reductions are about 30%. I have decided to play poker and wait for them to go lower! My reasoning is that if something goes at the higher price I'm not meant to have it anyway. So far I am waiting for a scarf to drop a little lower and a shoe shop to start its sale! I will let you know how I get on.

Saturday, 6 January 2007

First Post, there has to be one...

Not going to say much other than hello! I really didn't want my first post to be quite so short but I also didn't want to send this blog out into the world with nothing on it! Tomorrow I'll write about Epiphany here in Firenze, but for now I am saying goodnight...