Monday, 12 October 2009

Summer Photos!! :))

I have no clue where this is!! Not Florence for sure. Lucca??? Think so!

At Genova Aquarium. Isn't he cute?!

If you can just see the date, this is what Ferragosta looks like in Florence!!

Seeing dad off on the Freccia Rossa - the fast train between Naples and Milan.

Not the best, but we had just been playing tennis!!

Technological Issues!

Not very punchy as a title I know! I just reviewed my previous post and realised that I'd said I was going to post photo's - then didn't! The wonders of technology have prevented this until now. My camera card wouldn't allow me to download all my photo's to Picasa or to the laptop until yesterday! In the end I had to delete 180 photo's off the card one by one before the rest could be put on my laptop!! Also I've been having fun with my laptop. I run it permanently from the mains without the battery in. The battery gave up the ghost about 3 months ago. I also had to buy a new charger/transformer as the old one was melting the casing surrounding it's wires! All good stuff. Then the laptop started just shutting down about a week ago. I think it was a dodgy connection from the new transformer....My darling husband doesn't want to buy new hardware until windows7 arrives and he won't even consider Apple, so I'm stuck with tin cans and bits of string until then!!

I've started to use my i-touch as a mini-laptop more and more, consequently the battery on that is starting to die faster and faster! When I come to get it changed I will lose all the books I have stored from as you can only download them straight to your i-touch and you can't back up on your pc!! I just hope the site is still up when the time comes!! Aargh! Technology!!

Anyway I will put some photo's on here in a bit!! :))