Monday, 12 October 2009

Summer Photos!! :))

I have no clue where this is!! Not Florence for sure. Lucca??? Think so!

At Genova Aquarium. Isn't he cute?!

If you can just see the date, this is what Ferragosta looks like in Florence!!

Seeing dad off on the Freccia Rossa - the fast train between Naples and Milan.

Not the best, but we had just been playing tennis!!


courtneyb said...

Although you should be at the sea during Ferragosta, I'm sure it was nice to have empty streets in the centro. Sunday mornings were always nice and quiet, I like that time in the city.

Glad you had a good summer.

Gil said...

Great pictures! Especially your daughter standing in view of the train.

Alyson said...

Yes we did! I tried to keep us busy despite how hot it got, so it was difficult! We went to Spain in July so we'd "done" the sea - Alex gets bored!!

Thanks Gil! I've some really cool ones of the platforms all empty on Ferragosto, somehow the perspective makes them look infinite!!