Thursday, 25 September 2008

All Back To Normal

I've stopped posting because I've stopped taking photo's, but I've noticed from a few other blogs recently that you don't always need them!

Alex is enjoying his new school - he's back for the weekend tomorrow for the first time in 3 weeks, feels like months! Antonia has settled back into school really well and asks to go everyday, which is really reassuring. She has also started ballet classes 2 nights a week. I've signed her up until Christmas so there is no not going! She has her little leotard and slippers, all in pink! She looks really cute and flings herself around the house with abandon.

I've started conversation with a friend of a friend and it is all in Italian! My head pounds after an hour, as my brain is just not used to all the work!! I was going to join a gym but Antonia and I are back pounding the streets to school everyday, so I've put it on hold for now. My feet and ankles ache enough with going a treadmill too!

I think it is really sad that everything, including friendship, seems to be put on hold here once the summer starts. From the end of June to the beginning of September we hardly saw anyone outside of family. Okay, so we had our fair share of trips too, but I know we saw more of people in the UK in the summer than we do here. We were invited to a friends house at the beach just before school started here. That was really nice, and now we have done it this year, I'm guessing we will be welcome next year too, especially as we had been invited already in July and couldn't make it then. 

One thing I am really getting into now is Facebook. I seem to be finding more and more people on it from the past. Some I contact, some not, but I'm guessing that goes both ways. I like the live chat and have chatted with a few friends and family recently. My nieces and nephews go on. I wouldn't normally call them so it is nice to be in contact this way. However, I think I am all but banned from Alex's site - he is too cool to have mum chatting with him ;))!