Monday, 20 July 2009

All Together Again....

Not been on for a while - well, nearly 2 months to be exact! No particular reason other than laziness! My mum always made me write to my relatives who lived far away - I hated doing it! I could never think of anything to say! Now it isn't that things haven't been happening here - we were back over in Spain at the end of May, my Mother-in-Law, who featured briefly in my blog last year, died at the grand old age of 83 back at the start of May, I have made new friends over here, some of which I have been surprised by! What else? Not a lot, nothing that would be of mind blowing interest anyway on a blog - or so I believe! More than anything I am spending more and more time on Facebook...I find it more immediate and a better way to keep in touch with my family, which was the initial reason for starting this blog, as well as to generally talk about my life here in Florence. Also an expat blog isn't exactly ground breaking stuff - every expat seems to do one at some point, so unless you have a USP you are going to get lost in the crowds! I know mine is read, but I genuinely don't know by how many people, I track traffic flow but not numbers!

Anyway, back to the title. The summer holidays have started, just over 3 weeks ago in fact. Alex is here until the start of September and Antonia until the middle of September. My OH is coming over every other week, except next week when we will go over to him in Spain. So far we have taught Antonia to ride her bike without stabilisers, met up with quite a few friends, visited the Crystal exhibition at La Specola - small, but very good if you are interested - visited Galileo at Palazzo Strozzi - most of the exhibits are from the Science museum, which is pretty empty because of this, so if you were planning on a visit there, don't, go to the Strozzi instead! We've seen a few films, the new HP among them (Star Trek is better...), Antonia has been to the ballet in the Boboli gardens with her dad, dressed up to the nines, we have been to the beach and out for a celebratory meal for my OH's birthday plus a trip to I Gigli for his presie. So this first 3 weeks have been pretty busy. The temperatures are high but that is summer!! Hopefully I will return with an update and some photo's before September!