Saturday, 6 March 2010

So here's the deal....

I haven't posted for a while again, the main reason is I get my knickers in a twist over putting in photos. They liven a blog post and I feel like they make it a more interesting read, but I'm having major problems with getting my photos onto my laptops - yes, I have two, both "cast-offs" of my DH....This one I'm on now has a huge hard drive (for me anyway!) but he dropped it or something so none of the various slots pick-up the photos from my camera, plus I've had a corrupt memory card in my camera for months - I keep forgetting to swap it out! When I finally managed to download a batch of photo's to my other laptop (small memory but working ports...) about 20 photo's were missing - they show up on the card, but not the laptop! I have no clue why and have had to write them off to experience! Maybe it was the fact that they had pictures of a gigantic Michael Jackson head on them that was the problem!! That was from the Carnival at Viareggio...I'm not a fan of the man but his music still rocks!! :)

So I want to carry on with my blog, as I said in my last post, but you're going to have to take it as you find it!! Maybe pictures, but more likely not...

Since my last post we've renewed the lease on the house for the 4th time. The landlady has decided to put some utilities directly into our name. No problem with that except the electricity board reduced the Kw coming into the house! No big deal you would think, I had plenty to start with, but all of a sudden I was like most places here and everything kept tripping!! What a pain!! Turns out it was a mistake and it has now been rectified! I really couldn't cope with not knowing whether having the washer and the iron on was going to trip the electric!! You do become used to things being a certain way.

We didn't see Alex at half-term which also meant he missed my birthday - it was pretty miserable with just me and Antonia, plus I had the pozzo nero cleaned on my birthday which just added to the fun.....:P Anyway, Steve was home last week and I got a lovely pair of fancy slippers in red satin with heels and feathers for my birthday! It's nice to get something frivolous, don't you think??!

I read recently that it is a good discipline to write 750 words every morning when you arise. I won't be doing that but I'm going to try for frequency!! :)


francesca perry said...

Yes, in the UK I was used to enormous unlimited amounts of electric surging into the house and it really bugged me when I couldn't have everything on here - like the hairdryer AND the oven. I was so pleased to find out I could get the KW increased - how stupid was I? We had to pay €250 for the increase and our kw's cost more. I should have learned to put up and shut up!

Alyson said...

Lol! Well, I've known no different since we moved into this house, so it was a real inconvenience! Especially as the day it went down was the day every piece of equipment was going as I was cleaning etc.! Always the way! It has made me more observant of how much we use though, I take it for granted less and make sure lights are turned off. Now the different rates have come in here too, I'm trying to make use of the cheap rate electric at night - at least I'll be able to run the A/C more effectively at night!

Sarah said...

Oh no, not pozzo nero day on a birthday !!!!!

There is only one guy who does it here and it never goes without a total disaster.

Last time he ignored my protests totally and brought the vehicle down onto the grass, where it promptly sunk into the sodden earth.

We were left with a FULL, creaking, slowly becoming evermore tilted in direction of house, lorry of poo stuck under our noses for 6 hours until he could find something big enough to tow it out again.

I've learned to live with limiting how much I turn on to the point that I gasp and hurl myself at the dishwasher to turn it off in my sister's house in the UK...while she watches me with a bemused expression on her face and a lukewarm iron in her hand.

Happy belated birthday, may your future ones be poo lorry free zones.

Sarah, British mum to a nine year old mini Italian nationalist in deepest, darkest Lomellina.

Alyson said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks for following my blog! I popped over to yours the other day on the recommendation of a friend on Fb - indiebird? - without realising you read mine :D! Have you read Antonia's too? I homeschooled my big one for a year here, but under the radar as he was on "leave" from school in the UK. Didn't want to leave this ramble on your blog as it isn't apropos of any of your posts as such! Anyway nice "meeting" you and I look forward to following your blog too! :)

Sarah said...

Hi love, we have a friend in common with Indie.

What is the url for Antonia's blog ? I might be reading it already but always ready to add another one to my collection ( :

Alyson said...

If you look in Blogs I read it's the one called "Antonia's Italian School Days" - bit of a theme School for mum's here isn't it!

Yes Indie is a Fb and expats friend. :)