Friday, 10 August 2007

Life Without ADSL!!

What a difference it makes! I talk to my kids, read books and generally have a life;)!

Seriously, since Telecom finally came out and sorted everything out I have been rather glued to it and my favourite websites!

However it does mean I can update my blog.

Us arriving at Malaga Airport.

Since I last posted we have had a holiday in Spain. We stayed in the hills outside Mijas, near Fuengirola. We had a great time going to the beach, in the pool, scuba diving and jet ski-ing, the last two involving only my husband and son! My daughter loved the Sea Kayak my husband has out there. She sat in the front while he paddled her around the Med looking like a little princess! The funniest was when my husband and son spent 30 minutes getting it seaworthy only for her to jump up as they headed off with, "Right, let's get into the boat then!" Luckily my son had a bodyboard otherwise there would have been real trouble!!

I can't really compare the two as here we are in the city and there it was the hills and sea. It was alot cheaper for everything from food to clothes, a meal for 4 costing about €40 in Spain and the same over €65 here in Florence. But the quality of food in the restaurants wasn't a patch on the food here. Everything seems to be deep fried in some way! I had a club sandwich, it came with a fried egg embedded in the top on fried bread! After a lunch of fried seafood it was all a bit too much! Don't get me wrong I love my fry-up's but two in one day was more than my system could cope with! I also discovered a drink called Tinto Verrano. It is wine based but on draft!! It went down very well.

By the end of the week it was good to return to Florence. As we went via Rome and there were delays on the flights it took around 10 hours to get back. We'll be returning at the end of August for a final bit of sun and sea before my son returns to the UK for school. So I have a week in Spain, a week in the UK and then back here - it will be really interesting to see how they all compare!


Delina said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I think that it's hard to get a quality of food like there is here. Brava on discovering draft wine. :))

I need a holiday too!

Alyson said...

Yeah, it was good! A mix similar to Sangria but not, so a little goes a long way!