Saturday, 18 August 2007

End of an Era

This is a picture of my children on the flight that brought us out to our new life in Italy last October.

This is a picture of them in Spain in July.

It may not be the best photo for my purpose but I think it is a good one and proof they seem to be enjoying their new life! I can't believe the changes that have taken place in less than a year. My son is now as tall as me, okay, I'm short-ish, so no big deal! He is so nearly a grown-up now yet in the picture taken when we flew over he is still so much a child!

I'm calling this "End of an Era" not because we are moving back to the UK but because this next week is the last time my son will live with us here in Florence other than for his school holidays.

A week on Monday we fly back to Spain for a week then the Monday after that we return to the UK so he can go back to school. We managed to put this off in April but this time he has to go. He has exams to take in May and June 2008 and school is the best place to do any final preparation he needs to do.

I've had a great 10 months here with him while we adjusted to a new country and all that brings with it. My husband is away alot so having someone to talk to on an equal footing was amazing. I don't think I could have done it without him. He is bright, handsome, kind and a joy to be around! I couldn't ask for more in a son - and I know if he ever reads this he will kill me ;))!

Thank you Alexander!

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