Saturday, 14 July 2007

Expat Talk

I subscribe to a forum for expats called . It is part of a much bigger community run by Cristina Fassio called . It has been a huge help to me in my move here and will hopefully continue to be.

People from all over the world subscribe to the forum, the majority being from the US. Much of the information has a US bias but then it is far more difficult to enter Italy from the US than the EU. Much that applies in the US also applies to Australia and Canada. However, those of us that are from the EU provide the information needed for EU subscribers as it is needed. As the rules are constantly changing it is a challenge to say the least! I never know from one month to the next what I really require for residency and haven't applied for it as yet because of the speed of changes! Everyone pitches in and it is a fun and lively forum.

Why have I decided to mention it in this post? There have been a number of interesting and amusing threads recently that seem to have caught everybody's attention.

One focused on the fashion for baring large amounts of female flesh at the moment and peoples reactions to this. Not only was this an hysterical thread but a thought provoking one as it showed how differently people can view a woman according to what she is wearing and how she looks in what she is wearing!

Another that is currently causing controversy is about one particular member's bad experience of his time in Florence. Obviously living here, and having chosen to live here, I took his critiscism personally. Consequently, I managed to upset others on the board as my remarks were taken to include them. What I really wanted to say to the original poster cannot be written here - well it could be, but I'm too polite in a public forum! So many of this person's experiences were so outside anything I have experienced here I can only conclude he was attracting negativity either in his attitude or that he lives in an excessively polite and well mannered society when not in Italy. Who can say?

Expats is a great place to get things off your chest, ask questions, tell stories and search for answers. That one person has been able to anger me so much I think says it all - it really is a forum where - nearly - anything can be said.

If you are looking for quality information about a move to Italy, look no further than Expats in Italy. And if you enjoy discussion about all things Italian, join the forum!


chris & erin said...

yep:) I think I know the "bare chest" one you referred to! but I'm so curious to know which is the thread that had the bad experience in Florence mentioned... What is it titled?

Not enough good can be spoken of the help I've received on this forum!

Alyson said...

Unfortunately the thread is under his moniker, but if you search recent threads its label is "Where are you....?"

chris & erin said...

found it! good read...and good responses back!

Alyson said...

I think it was also dealt with really well when it started to get out of hand by Cristina. She can say things we can't!

Tina said...

Well I love Florence, it's in my blood - I applaud you for choosing it, and though I missed that particular thread, had I seen it I'd have taken your side! So HA! :-)

Alyson said...

I think my visit to Texas is well overdued ;))!