Friday, 13 July 2007

Breakfast Pancakes

We had/have a tradition in our house of Pancakes on a Sunday. Having finally found out which raising agent to use - the one for pizza which doesn't have vanilla in it - we have started to make them again. Although we are not American we prefer American Pancakes to crepes!

This one is adorned with just lemon and sugar, but we have been known to cover them in nutella and orange marmalade for a jaffa cake feel, maple syrup and bacon, cheese and ham, or just plain old golden syrup or honey!

We use Nigella's recipe and even with slight variations in amounts they always turn out well!


KC said...

I love pancakes and now I have a craving for them! Lemon and sugar is such a great idea. How much of the lievito for pizza do you use? Is it as simple as substituting an equal quantity of it for the baking powder?

Alyson said...

Had telecom problems!

A little packet is equal to 1 tbsp of baking powder if this helps?