Friday, 23 March 2007

At Home...

Most of the week has been spent at home for one reason or another, bad weather, migraines, landlady visits etc.

The rain went but it left a very cold wind and bright blue skies in its place. So, although we have been out in the garden and to the shops for essential groceries, we have basically stayed in. Days I was planning to go out I had a migraine and then my landlady, who lives in Naples, wanted to come and say "Hello". Of course there was another reason for her friendliness, she very kindly dropped off my first electricity bill. Luckily I have nearly a week to pay it! I am finding that urgency is quite often expected from me, but it has taken nearly two months to sort out various problems in the house! All in all though I like her and if I am a good tenant maybe I will get an invite down to Naples!!

Today I had problems with Telecom, I knew the honeymoon couldn't go on! I was unable to make any international calls for most of the day which, when my husband is in the UK or Spain, is a little problematic! For some reason now he can't get through to us, but we can now call him - whatever! My main concern was my niece, I wanted to make sure she could get hold of me before she left - two days and she will be here! My daughter is really excited, I just hope she isn't expecting a constant playmate - I think she will be disappointed!

I went to my local Cartoleria for writing and wrapping paper today. 3 enormous, good quality sheets of wrapping paper cost me 3 euros. In the centre each sheet cost 6.50euros, I know as I bought the same design at Christmas, and half the size! I will certainly be returning.

After going there we walked up to Ponte Amerigo Vespucci. The bridge itself isn't pretty but it has one redeeming feature - the coypu colony that lives on the islands beneath it. There are also herons, cormorants, ducks, geese and pidgeons, oh, and lots of rats!!

It was bitterly cold on the bridge, but at last I felt like we had got out for a while. I love the view up the river to the Ponte Vecchio. Behind it we could see a few snow topped mountains in the distance. Maybe there will be some ski-ing next week after all!

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