Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Rain, Thunder and more Rain!!

Well, as I suspected, the good weather wasn't here to stay, not just yet anyway. I know tomorrow is the "official" first day of spring but I thought I would celebrate it today with this wonderful photo! If nothing else it makes me think of the UK. This little girl's third birthday is next week - we brought her home from the hospital in a blizzard, so really a bit of rain is nothing is it!

I have my first visitor next week. My niece is coming over from the UK for a week. At the moment I think she expects to do the Grand Tour! I am hoping to meet her somewhere in the middle, not necessarily trips to Esselunga but maybe Pisa and Prato. Also, I know there is so much to see here, I'm not entirely sure why we would visit anywhere else anyway! My husband is already planning on being here so he can take her and my son ski-ing. Hopefully this will be enough!

I knew I would start to get visitors, but it still stresses me slightly. I want them to come but I also want to carry on with my life and not play tour guide for the time they are here! Most of my friends would probably be happy doing their own thing and using us as a base but family always seems a little trickier for some reason! I really want them to come, but on my, selfish terms....!

We looked at a lovely little school for my daughter this week. Only 45 children, run by nuns but a good walk away. I don't think we will get into the schools I like that are closer, so this may be the best option. My daughter went off and played with the other children for a good 45 minutes and cried when we had to leave - always a good sign! Not sure how much actual learning they do but I think her learning to read English is probably more important at the moment anyway and it will make my job easier if she is only learning to speak Italian.

Well, the good thing about the awful weather is I updated my blog, so maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all! Plus everything looks really green - just look at the grass in the photo!
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Delina said...

Having visitors is often stressful. I think the only way it would not be stressful is if you have a massive house and the guest is very independent.

Lovley photo!

The weather has turned bad here too this week.

Alyson said...

A long time ago I had such a house - unfortunately they thought they were in a B&B instead! I'm looking forward to seeing my niece, it's just you want it all to be perfect, don't you?