Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Time Passes!!

Good grief! I can't believe it has been 7 months since I last posted!! Thing is once summer hits it's way too hot to do too much and typing becomes an effort!! Not much has gone on either tbh...Antonia started Prima which is going okay. The homework is heavy at the weekends and neatness in writing and colouring is expected from the start, which I find incredible! That said her reading and writing in both languages is coming along well and she finds maths fairly straightforward so far!!

I'm not going into the details but we will be on the move again soon. Various forces have come together and we won't be renewing the lease on this place, so we need to find a new place before the end of January. I was hoping to be gone before Christmas, so we could decorate our new place with the tree etc but Italy being Italy this is probably not to be.....So we will have to make the best of it here, surrounded by cases and boxes!! It's not very conducive to the seasonal spirit but hey ho! Next year will be different.

Alex is here too at the moment. He is taking some study leave before the pressure of next years exams plus he wants to be here when we move - hoping this will be possible!!

To say my love of Italy is being tried at this time is an understatement but I can't imagine it being any different in any other country right now. Once I am resettled I'm sure it will return but in the mean time I remain frustrated and fed-up!!

Happy Christmas! ;)


courtneyb said...

I didn't realize you were in the middle of a move. We are in between houses as well, should be moving in January?? stressful at times. Where are you moving to? Staying in Florence? Good luck with everything!!

Alyson said...

Trying to find something in Florence still - we found one place but that is about to fall through, as they do here!! So very stressful!

Are you staying local or moving town?? California?! ;)

courtneyb said...

moving to a different town. About 10 miles away :) we need more space but ryan has a contract on his lease so we need to stay close.

Em Lo Porto said...

wow! oh I loved that house! but I know you were considering moving when I was there, and that was long ago. I hope you've had some luck since posting this! BTW - I am expecting again!