Sunday, 11 November 2007

All By Myself, Well Apart From A Toddler!

My son and husband should have been back this weekend, but my husband has a slipped disk and isn't going anywhere too soon! This is what happens when you throw medicine balls around!!

Luckily he has found a good doctor in Spain and he is, after two weeks of treatment, finally on the road to recovery. He reckons that he will be ski-ing in December!! We shall see!

What it has meant is that we won't now see Alexander until at least December, possibly as late as his return for Christmas. This has been really hard. I'm used to Stephen being away, but with Alex it is different as he is my son. He seems to be taking it okay - he gets to sleepover at friends on the weekends he should have been here, plus he was finding the flights here and back hard work, which I always suspected he might. So mum will have to get on with it!

I am so glad I have made friends here - this has been the saviour of my sanity! With Antonia at school the day stretches and then not being able to go out in the evenings, babysitting being extortionate, I would go mad without some adult face-to-face interaction.

I managed to order firewood over the phone in Italian this week! One so-called "friend" was expecting coal or some other product to turn up, but it was logs that arrived! Plus an extremely handsome woodsman - I am having a diet coke party when he comes again, just in case it is Stephen having been away so long that is making me see things ;)! (Did he really have that squint and hunch last time?!!) Anyway, the logs were good and dry and pretty reasonable, so I will be burning the house down later!

A poor little robin flew into the window glass this morning! I picked him up and stroked him then put him under an old roof tile with some leaves. I hope he lives. He closed his eyes to sleep after I put him under the tile, he had been pretty awake before that. I'll check on him later. I then washed mine and my daughter's hands thoroughly!!


Delina said...

Hope your husband gets better soon.

Could you and Antonia go over before Christmas so that you can see your son one weekend. Perhaps combine it with a Christmas shopping trip :)

Roam2Rome said...

Ouch! Hope your husband is better soon, and the robin, too! What a week! Life tends to be like that, sometimes, doesn't it? Though no one can replace family, thank God for friends!

Alyson said...

We were all going to Venice weekend of of the 8th Dec. then realised it's a holiday! So at the moment I am planning on going over to Blighty that week instead - Florence was a zoo that holiday last year! Then Alex comes home 14th anyway, so we will all come back together! :)

Alyson said...

Oh, and the robin wasn't there when we returned from a trip to an antiques market this morning, and husband got on a plane to the UK this evening, so, so far so good!
Thanks for your thoughts!