Monday, 28 May 2007

It's Raining.....

Did I speak too soon! It's throwing it down again. It seems that May wants to finish as it started, wet!

Yesterday we had one of the biggest storms I can remember in all the time I have been coming here and lived here. It must have gone on for well over an hour. There was literally no break in the thunder, it just rumbled on and on. Having had electrical stuff blown up before now we unplugged everything, phone, computer, tv etc. My phone has been temperamental since I dropped it on its head last week, blowing it up didn't seem like a good idea!

For all that the temperature is still a mild 25C, so at least we are keeping the warmer weather. My husband bought loungers for the garden on Saturday - he has told me to return them as he thinks they have jinxed the weather!

The rain is a good excuse for indoor activities. We have been using our Italian tapes, playing Chess (son and husband anyway!), on the laptop, when it isn't thundering anyway and reading. I'm reading a thriller called "Ratcatcher" at the moment. If you don't mind knowing alot of it has been done before i.e. Sharpe, Aubrey, even Discworld and you like this kind of thing it is a page turner. It helps that the hero is tall, dark and handsome!! No, the publisher isn't Mills and Boon! Plus being set in London I know most of the locations which I like, I miss London, so this is one way to be there!

The kids are watching a German channel on the TV which has kids programmes on it. Some of them are like Art Attack or Smart. So far they can make an igloo out of ice to hold ice cream. Good use of time!

One thing the rain is helping is the grass seed. With the sprinklers it had started to grow anyway, but now we nearly have a lawn! Who would have thought it possible?!! I will post pictures of my lush greeness as soon as my camera has batteries!


Delina said...

The weather has gone a bit mad again hasn't it. I was in London last week and it was HOT! But even there it's taken a turn for the worse now - as it tends to do on a bank hol :)

Alyson said...

Back again, you kept that one quiet ;)! Husband was there too, said he needed sweaters some days!

Still raining here.....