Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Heatwave and Florence.

The heat and the humidity is starting to really hit! I know from past summers here that this probably means it is going to soar into the 90F /40+C in July and August. The thing is although we have air-conditioning I really don't like it! I never have. Ours isn't connected yet - the voltage into the house has to be increased first. This is probably going to be around the end of June, but I think we might need it sooner.

Currently I am closing the shutters at night and leaving the windows open. The temperature in the house during the afternoon feels identical to that outside! The thermostat for the heating has a digital thermometer on it, currently it isn't dropping below 26C in the house even at night!
In the UK we would be claiming summer had arrived and that a drought was about to strike. It's when I think this I wonder what I am doing here, heat not being a strong point of mine ;))!

But in other ways this is part of the fun of moving to a meditteranean country; the weather is hot and predictable in a way it never was in the UK!

We bought a little paddling pool from Esselunga last week. A proper pool would be nice but the kids think this is great fun. I may join them later in the summer!

One very big achievement we have made is finding Antonia a school for September! What a relief! The children of another family we know here will be starting at the same time, so she will have a familiar face or two. She was really excited up to the point she realised I would not be staying with her. Never mind, been there before so I will deal with it as I need to. It is a private Catholic school so she will get her Italian up to speed pretty quickly too, which is what I really wanted. It looks like a lovely place and all the kids we saw were really friendly and bouncy, which to me usually says the school is a place they like being. We shall see!

I'm off to a local Indian restaurant tonight with the mums from a group I go to here in Florence. Click on www.firenzemoms4moms.net if you ever want to meet up with other English speaking expat females here in Florence! It says mums but basically the kids are a good excuse to get together for a natter!! I will let you know how the meal goes. An Indian in Florence! Different!

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