Thursday, 19 April 2007

Look What Walked Into Our Garden!

Yep, we were just about to go out, when Alex noticed this walking across the lawn! Bizarrely it is the second time in my life a tortoise has just walked into it! I was about 11 last time - same as my son. Obviously some kind of weird family thing going on!

We checked with the gardener and the porter here and they told us we could take him back to our place. Now they know we have him, if anyone else in the Garden is looking for him they will be able to come and get him. But for now he is ours! Not surprisingly we didn't go out! This pre-historic monster has completely captured my kids imagination.

We've decided he can live in the shower at night and the kitchen while we are out. I'm not about to start drilling into his shell or anything - he definitely has a name scratched on his back, so he belongs or belonged to someone here. I can't leave him to roam in the garden unattended as the gardener would be pulling bits out of his mower for weeks!!

I know you can't get them easily in the UK anymore, wonder if it is the same here? If so he is also quite valuable, so I don't want him vanishing just yet!

My son had wanted a turtle from the Lent Market - this is much better :))
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Delina said...

How bizarre! Whay's he called?

I wanted a tortoise as a child in England but I discovered they are no longer imported, or something like that.

My Dad had a tortoise when he was a kid - he painted it white so they could see him easily - don't let your kids do the same. Hahahaha

Alyson said...

Er, Tortie! We had him in the kitchen while we went out - Alex had to mop the floor when we came back! He is asleep in the bushes now. He might sleep in the shower tonight!

We thought of the white paint, but the tortoise society says only a tiny blob of nail polish should be used. Spoilsports! I can remember oiling mine as well - stops them squeaking - but you aren't allowed to do that either now! I think they are endangered?