Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Eating Pizza.

We had some friends over from the UK. What does everyone want to eat in Italy? Pizza and ice-cream! We did the ice-cream too, but that is even messier than this.....!

It was a friend of my son's and his mum. We had a great time as Alex hasn't mixed with his own age group too much while we have been here. Also we have decided to keep him here in Italy until September. He should have gone back to school tomorrow! He is ambivalent - he wanted to see his mates, board and play cricket - things that are in short supply out here!

We are starting to look at activities he can do now he is staying, plus the schoolwork is increasing as school is keen for him to not miss out on too much work. I think life is going to be pretty busy for the next 5 months!!

Hope you like all the pictures! I realise anyone reading this will get this one first - scroll down, please!
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Delina said...

That pizza looks yum! But you know that we have the best pizza down here :)

Lots of Italian kids will be winding up with school too during the next few months. I'm sure that Alex will find loads of stuff to keep him busy!

Alyson said...

What's even funnier is the restaurant is supposed to be Spanish :))!

One of these days I will get down to Naples. I'm desparate to see Pompeii etc. and taste the pizza of course!