Thursday, 5 November 2009

Napoli/Pompeii Photos!

For all my screaming fans! Lol! I haven't put descriptions on it would take the post to 3 foot or something, so you'll have to guess where they are! Really stumped, just ask!! :))


indiebird said...

Well done you!! I really, really, really need to go to Pompeii and Napoli now!! (and Firenze and Sicilia and Roma...)

Lorna said...

Fantastic photos - I have to go.
Does Antonia like Art Attack? Looks like she is copying that guy that makes great art from bits of anything.

Alyson said...

Well spotted Lorna! :D That was all her own work too! Just happened to be in the Archaeological museum!! At the point where we had all had enough except Steve!! She does them while the programme is on too. If you look at my Lucca photos on Fb you'll see the comic book museum there has a room kitted out by Disney and Art Attack! It was brill!

em said...

wonderful! WHEN we get there, I'll have to look back on your posts to get your advice about it all.

(PS - I want Antonia's sweater, sneakers and zipper jeans! so stylish! do you think they have my size? lol)

(PSS - even though you are making a sour face, I am glad to see it, and your hair looks great! love the bangs...)

Alyson said...

Lol! Thanks em! The jeans - probably, they are Gas. One of those strangenesses of Italy - I know where to go so I pay the same as I would for Zara!! Didn't you get to Naples then? Must've been one of the few places you didn't go! ;))