Friday, 20 February 2009

No phone, no internet - a lovely, quiet birthday!!;)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. This is the year I officially start counting backwards, so that must mean I am staying the same age, I think! Still too old, especially when you have a 4 year old that thinks you can, and should do, all the things a much, much younger mum should do, like run without getting out of breath, think that Winx are amazing fashion icons, that kind of thing!

Having said that, I chose an Xbox360 game as my birthday present......So who am I kidding! Finally, finally, I have my hands on a copy of Guitar Hero! Sorry, this game isn't just for teens and men! It's great! Even better when you can attach a mike to the controller and sing along too!!!! Luckily we have a detached house....! Have you ever tried "singing" a Beastie Boys song - don't!! It was huge fun for all of us, even Antonia who can strum along to Oasis on Beginner quite happily, very funny to see as the guitar is the right size for her. She Rocks! (This is terminology from the game, honest.) Alex was the real star being able to play a good few on Expert - good to see his education isn't going to waste.........

We also woke up to find the phone and internet were off. A very kind friend called telecom for me who discovered there was a fault. They told me it would be off until today, Friday! As it turned out they came the very next day and fixed it all. One up for telecom I think! It was actually restful not checking e-mails or doing anything at all to do with the net! One day without was fine, any longer and I think it would be just too much!

I've had my husband and son here all this week for half-term. It ends far too quickly! Alex went to a party in the UK at the weekend before returning here. He goes back early Sunday - too soon! Easter isn't far but it really isn't close enough!

Anyway - tell me your favourite Guitar Hero tracks! And how well you play them...;)!


Gil said...

Happy Birthday! Give me good food and wine. No computer games.

Alyson said...

Thanks, Gil! We tried to have the food - went to the fridge and the steaks had gone off after only a couple of days in the fridge, so we ended up with Chinese takeaway!!

Most games I agree, but Guitar Hero is the stuff of fantasy! ;)

em said...

Happy birthday to YOU! I totally missed that one...I have to RSS your site, or I'm going to miss something else. Never played guitar hero, though I want to. Have a blast and keep us updated on your favorite jams! And I WISH our connections would go out. They are just too damn efficient here! Sometimes I'd like to throw my cell into the harbor!!! xoxox

(subscribing immediately after this!!!)

em said...

oh gee well maybe not! can't find the button, so either there isn't one or it's hard to find. Let me know so I sign up if available! bye again ;-)

Alyson said...

Just for you Em, an RSS gizmo so you can subscribe! ;)