Sunday, 19 October 2008

Fairy frocks and Autumn

I'm stalling - I have a fairy frock to make before the St.James' Halloween party next week. Just in case you are wondering - it's for Antonia!

It should be easy, but I've been getting bad headaches this last week and I'm really not in the mood! I think the headaches are because my shoulders and neck feel really stiff - don't know why, could be I've been carrying heavier bags than usual. I've started using a small local supermarket to shop. I've used it in the past but it was expensive, but now Panorama have taken it over so the choice is better and the prices have fallen. It's also really close to my house. I take a big hessian bag with me and fill it. That doesn't stop it getting heavy though. As soon as any drinks go in I may as well stop! But I got enough to day for near enough the week (for two of us) and it came to €25, so a pretty good shop I think!

Any way I have a bag of net, chiffon and satin waiting for me, so I should go. But before I do, just to say Autumn is beautiful here at the moment. We went into the bigger garden for the first time in several months to collect pine cones - I use them as fire lighters! Coming back we passed a horse chestnut tree. As the garden is private the floor was littered with conkers! It was a dream come true. We now have lots of leaves, pine cones and a big bowl full of pretty brown conkers. Combined with the mild weather, it couldn't be a better season at the moment!

When the frock is done I'll post piccies over on Antonia's blog!!


em said...

sounds beautiful Alyson. and Antonia is going to love whatever you make!

Alyson said...

Hello you! I hope so - going better than I had hoped so far. I'll post a piccie if it works out. You never know Giada might get it one day ;))

Cath said...

What you need is one of those wheelie shopping trolley things - you can get really trendy looking ones now.....I got mine from M & S :-)

I always find conkers here - it seems that Italian kids just aren't interested!

Good luck with the fairy costume - I attempted a cowboy outfit last year for carnevale...and remembered why I failed Home Ec at school...pitiful!

Alyson said...

I've thought about the shopping trolley. I got a really cheap bag on wheels, rather than a proper sturdy trolley, and it's useless. Plus I really did my neck in, again, lugging my bag home the other day. I will let you know!!