Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting ready for school again...

I start blogging again just as school is about to start again!! This week is being spent trying to outfit my son for his new school in the UK. He doesn't have a uniform but he does have a dress code. So, he still needs a blazer, grey trousers, shirts, ties and, of all things at 13, a suit!

Anyone with a boy this age will appreciate that rather than being really easy this is actually a bit of a nightmare! Luckily I found a two piece suit in Coin in navy wool. Now I have to blaze down Oxford Street next Monday looking for a blazer that doesn't resemble a school one but fits a school boy, shirts that aren't school shirts but can be worn with a tie and a pair of shoes that look smart but aren't school shoes. Does any of that make any sense to you?!! If it does please meet me on Oxford Street, London, next Monday around 10.30 a.m.! Thanks!

By comparison buying him a mug, spoon and fork that he liked were easy!! That being the other criteria of course. It has to be acceptable to him as well as the school. Bizzarely the first thing we have had to call a truce over is his socks! He wants little cotton ankle socks, like he wore at his last school, but what he needs are mens formal socks to go with his new snaffle loafers and his lounge suit.....! Fun eh!


Alex said...

Hi! My name is Alex, I'm from Spain and I discovered your blog yesterday searching in the Expat forum for information about Winchester College (my smarter brother probably will go there :) ) It would be great if you were so kind to update information about the school, teachers, life at winchester in the future ( as well as lovely Italy, I have some relatives in Rome!) that would be very useful to people in our situation, it's hard to find out blogs or any other information of Winchester students. I left a comment in your son's blog too :) Thank you so much, We keep reading about the beautiful Italy too!

PS: sorry for my terrible english, I'm working on it ;)

Delina said...

Try Marks and Sparks? I was in England last week and had practically no time to shop :(