Monday, 10 March 2008

Highs and Lows

I was so busy this morning! I had to get my husband's passport renewal off to the Embassy in Rome with enough time before his old one runs out! This involved a quick trip to the Consul, a visit to the bank for a draft and then finally posting it off at the Post Office. This wasn't so bad except it meant crossing the Arno 3 times, one after the other to visit each place! Anyway once it was done I went to buy a friend a birthday present then headed home.

This is when the low kicks in! Having been so busy I then came home to twiddle my thumbs as it were! So I studied a little Italian - very informative, I have a Berlitz PC programme that lets you record your voice and compares it with a native speaker, I now know why no-one can understand me, even when I think I am speaking perfectly correctly and clearly!!

Then I trawled all my friends blogs - happy women's day for last Saturday (this was a major theme!)

I also posted an hotel review on Venere for the hotel we stayed in in Venice. There was only one problem - we were moved to a different hotel so I couldn't review the one I wanted to. I got around this in the comments section, I hope. Anyone looking for a good hotel in Venice, check out Tribute To Music (that's really its name!) It's right on the water front, the rooms were big and the staff friendly. I'll be going back! And now I'm doing this!

I also received a very nice parcel from Amazon which should keep me busy for a while to come. I like getting parcels and DVD's and books are among my favourite things to get - doesn't matter if they don't fit and they rarely don't work!

Anyway, the upshot of this is that my Italian should improve!

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