Thursday, 28 February 2008

Watching TV Through a PC

I've finally found what looks like a kosher website for watching British TV live on my PC.

It's called UKTVLive and does what it says on the box! I'm currently on a 7 day trial after which I have to decide whether or not to pay a subscription of approx. £25/month to watch the Beeb and its competitors. I think SkyOne is also included, its 17 channels in total for the subscription.

The really bizarre thing about me even considering this is that for the first 8 months we were here we only had random freeview channels and then went for SKY Italia, which I'm very happy with. I also have Alice TV - by mistake, but I got the WI-FI with it so it costs next to nothing - which I rarely use even though the film catalogue is great, just all in Italian. So why am I even considering this?

Well, firstly I like technology and it feels really cool to be able to watch real time British TV along with my friends and family in the UK. Plus I really liked seeing the Ads in English, sad I know! And lastly, it was nice last night watching those ever so properly spoken presenters on Relocation, Relocation and Grand Designs, knowing that this wasn't some ancient programme from 3 years ago on Discovery. I'm a little fed up of hearing about the latest "Top Gear" exploit - they are still showing those from 2 years ago on Discovery, the new ones come onto YouTube faster (courtesy of the BBC, by the way!) or Dr Who that won't be on Jimmy or Prime for months! Is this worth £25/month? Well, I probably spend that on cappuccino and paste in the mornings and they aren't good for me either!

I'll let you know what I decide, but it's looking like a yes, unless I hear anything negative of course!


Delina said...

So you can watch all UK Channels LIVE? If that's the case, then I'd say it's worth the cost.

Happy viewing!

Alyson said...

Yup, I checked the listings on the web for what's on then take an hour off for us. That's what makes it attractive, it's stuff that's on now rather than from YouTube 6 months later! Top Gear was on Discovery tonight. It was last Autumns show, but not in running order!! So frustrating.

Louise said...

Sounds interesting...We don't have tv at all. Sky keep calling (always at a difficult child moment), and are always incredulous when I tell them there's no tv in the house. Mind you I wouldn't be without digital Radio 4 on the PC! L

Alyson said...

having said that the reception for ITV3 was patchy last night - first time I've had a problem with it, but still on trial run. I will try again tonight..