Monday, 25 February 2008

A Truly Pan-European Company

I always assumed, for some reason, that Electrolux was a British company. It isn't, it was originally Swedish. However, it is now the owner/licensee for so many electrical brands that, without visiting the company website, it is not that surprising that I should make this assumption.

Why the sudden interest? Well, if you are in Florence and read the papers you will know that Electrolux are in the process of closing its branch here in Scandicci, resulting in the loss of 450 jobs. In a city where the stable population is tens of thousands this is a big deal.

However as you can see from the photos it was a very peaceful and colourful march in protest at the closure..

I don't think this protest is going to change anything. Everything is being centralised in Treviso, I believe (don't shoot me if this is wrong, I'm doing this from memory!) and I think some people have been offered work there as the original job losses reported in the papers were closer to the 650. Even so, this is a big blow to a small city and its inhabitants.

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