Thursday, 7 February 2008

Christmas, New Year and Carnevale

Everybody in my family has been sick! We didn't ski as Alex had tonsilitis followed by a sinus infection! I have had cold after cold and so has Antonia. If I say we are feeling better now it may only be for a few days!

The Nativity was missed as Antonia had a temperature and my son went back to school late because of his illness. Antonia was then sick again! I so look forward to Spring.

However, fun was still had and rather than doing a long post I'm going to let the pictures do the talking!


courtneyb said...

who's house is that with santa?
Alex looks thrilled in that 3rd picture and I love the Sleeping Beauty on the bus!

Alyson said...

Remember Paola? It's a tradition she does every year! Great isn't it?

Alex is always thrilled when it's something his sister likes doing ;)!