Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Since moving to Italy I have heard many bad things about its TV programmes. However, since installing SKY Italia I have had very little to complain about! Admittedly I rarely watch anything in Italian, but that is because the programmes on the English language channels are good enough that I don't want to struggle along with a game show I barely understand, or for that matter, want to understand!

Last night all my dreams came true! Lost Season 3 finally started on FOX! 3 Episodes, back-to-back with barely an ad break in any of them! I wish all TV could be shown like this. The closest is the BBC in the UK but they rarely get the big US shows and wouldn't show 3 at a time anyway.

Anyway, with a glass of red, it was a good night in!


KC said...

Are you just watching the third season for the first time? I've seen all the episodes already because I downloaded them from iTunes as the U.S. season progressed, but I'm watching them again on SKY. I need my Lost fix- the fourth season isn't supposed to start until February!

Alyson said...

How did you do that? Did you give i-Tunes a US address? We have only just got into i-pods etc. and we had so much trouble signing up for it! This is the third season - strangely though since I wrote the post I've stopped watching!! Just can't get into this new season at all! Waiting for "Ugly Betty" to start this month! Seen the pilot and liked it.