Friday, 29 June 2007

Photo Update

I haven't posted any photo's for a while, so here's what we have been up to, in no particular order:
Remember the rain? Seems as distant memory now, doesn't it!

Open air concert in Piazza della Signoria for the Anniversary of the Italian Republic.
San Gimignano and views around. That's my husband below, with my son and daughter.
One of those mysterious midnight processions!! This is about 11.30 p.m. Not just in Naples!
My son, in red, finally doing that rowing course on the Arno!!
How cool to say you have rowed under the Ponte Vecchio - a bit safer than Tower Bridge, I think!

A view that, as a tourist, I always wanted to have taken. Looking up at those looking down onto the rowing club beneath the Uffizi. Drinks are really cheap too, but don't tell anyone!

I realise just how busy we have been when I look at our photo's. Sometimes I don't feel we do anything! But then it makes up for the busy periods.


Delina said...

You have been busy! The rowing course sounds great. And it's interesting that you have midnight processions there too :) I'm wondering if it was weekend or during the week?

Buon fine settimana!

Alyson said...

I checked, it was a Sunday - so not so bad I suppose if you still have Monday morning off as is still normal here. The kids in the parade would have been in school though!