Monday, 30 April 2007

Birthday Boy!

This very serious young man is now 12 years old! Where the last 12 years have gone I don't know! We have moved several times, which has involved him changing school and now we are here in Italy.

The fantastic bike you see was not only his birthday present but compensation for not going back to the UK to school! Yes, he wanted to go as that is where all his mates are and he really wants to board - who didn't when they were 12? Anyway, he goes back for definite in September, so hopefully we will have visits by his mates during that time.

The tortoise finally made good its escape. The owner of the garden we live in told us they are wild, so when it finally disappeared we didn't look too hard for it! However our first fireflies have appeared along with the bats, woodpeckers, red squirrels, hawks etc. Apparently there are hedgehogs too, but no porcupines. I wonder why there are no urban foxes?
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Delina said...

Happy birthday!

That's a nice bike.

Now it's getting warmer there'll be loads of mozzies too :( I was hoping the tortoise would be your new pet. He'll be in someone else's garden now :)

Alyson said...

The mozzies are already here unfortunately! I've just taken delivery of Vapes new portable mozzie killers which I am intending on strapping to husband and daughter who get eaten alive!

Tortie will still be here somewhere, the garden is over 6 hectares and we just live in a small corner. Without saying which one we are in there aren't too many gardens this big in Florence, so if you look on a map you will probably spot us!